Tightness Testing

New gas pipelines require a tightness test before they can be used, to prevent gas leaks and provide a guarantee of safe usage.

We also advise that an annual test and inspection be carried out on existing pipework at the same time as your gas appliance service or gas safety check to remain compliant with The Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations 1998, or at any time when the smell or presence of gas is detected.

We provide a full commercial gas testing service to ensure your commercial property is compliant with safety regulations and to keep your insurance validated.

gas pressure testing

Gas Purging

By injecting an inert gas into a gas pipe to mix with that already in the pipework, hazardous, combustible gas can be safely removed.

This is required before the decommissioning of any gas pipes to render them safe for removal.  It is also essential that new gas pipes are purged before use to ensure the correct mix and rate from the outset in order to prevent stratification or enveloping within the new gas lines, which can lead to appliance failure at best and at worst explosive ignition of gas within the pipeline.

All our engineers are Gas safe registered, fully trained and work to industry standards IGE/UP/1 to give you the best possible service and ensure the safety of your employees or tenants etc.

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