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There’s nothing better than a shower to help you feel refreshed, but choose the wrong type and you could end up frustrated at the lack of power or hot water availability.  With more options than ever on choice of shower, we’re here to help you find the product that’s right for you.
Once you’ve decided on which type of shower to go for, we’ll help you find one within your budget.  Then it’s down to our fully qualified plumbers to carry out your shower installation in the location of your choice.  We provide a full bathroom planning and installation service if you’re doing a complete redesign of your bathroom, or can do a quick replacement if that’s all you need.

Our technicians are Part P certified to install an electric shower if that’s your choice, and Gas Safe Certified to incorporate a power or mixer shower into your existing heating system if that’s the best option for you.  Whatever type you go for, we’re fully qualified and Safe Contractor approved, giving you complete peace of mind and a high standard of work completed safely.  We pride ourselves on our customer service, whatever the plumbing or heating service provided.

How to choose the right type of shower

First things first – you need to know which type of hot water system you have in your home.  There are three types of plumbing system – gravity system, pressurised system or a combination (combi) boiler system.
Some showers work with all three types, some are more suited to one or another.  We always check the system feeding the shower before we do anything else.  So if you’re not sure which type of system you have, we can help with that.  If you’re replacing a shower as part of a wider system upgrade, please see our boiler and heating services pages, as we can do everything in one go, saving you time and money.

Once we know which type of system you have, we can go through your options.  Here’s a quick run down of the different shower types available:

Manual Mixer Showers

This very common shower system takes water from your existing hot and cold water supplies and mixes it together in the shower unit to give you the desired temperature.  These are commonly integrated with your bath taps, diverting your bath water supply, but they can also be used in shower enclosures.
Most mixer showers work with any plumbing system.   As they take water from the existing supply, if you have low pressure or poor flow of water through the system this will affect the flow of water in the mixer too.

Power Showers

Like mixers, power showers use the existing water supply, but have a booster pump to increase water pressure.  This is common for lower pressure systems such as a gravity fed system.

Thermostatic Showers

If you want complete control of your shower temperature, a thermostatic shower is for you.  These take water from the existing supply like a manual mixer, but benefit from a built in pre-set thermostat.  This keeps the temperature consistent, even if someone in the kitchen decides to do the washing up, diverting the hot water supply.
Thermostatic showers can be installed as a shower bath or as a standalone shower unit.

Electric Showers

If hot water is in demand in your home and can often be in short supply, then an electric shower might be the best option for you.  Electric showers differ from mixers and power showers in that they only use the cold water supply.  They use heating elements inside the shower unit to heat the water as it’s needed.  This gives you an unlimited hot water supply whenever you need it, without having to rely on the boiler being on or a hot water cylinder being preheated.
Electric showers can be installed anywhere there is a cold water supply, and will often give better water pressure than you would get from a gravity fed system, so are ideal in these cases.

There are other more technologically advanced and eco friendly shower systems on the market too, but come with a bigger budget.  If you’re interested in these, please let us know when we come to survey your property prior to installation.

See what our customers have to say about our shower installation services:

New shower fitted
“Great from start to finish. Quoted, ETA-given, guy worked quickly and efficiently left the place near and tidy. Would definitely them use again.”

Customer in Gravesend, (via Checkatrade)

Bath removed and new shower installed and room retiled.
“I needed this job done urgently for an elderly tenant in a rental property. ODM Plumbing were competitive on price and carried out the work to a high standard in the agreed timescales. The tenant gave positive feedback on the professionalism and high standards of the workmen. The new bathroom looks great and I would certainly recommend ODM Plumbing. Thank you for doing such a good job.”

Customer in Gravesend, (via Checkatrade)

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