Client: Southeastern Trains

Date: March 2019 

Project: Station bathrooms renovation

Location: Ashford International Railway Station 

The Project 

The stations customer toilets were old and in much need of repair and updating.  All work had to be carried out whilst the station was open to the public

Our Involvement 

We were contracted to complete a complete renovation of all public toilets within the station, removing the existing equipment and replacing it all with new modern fittings.  We were also tasked with renewing any pipe work that showed signs of needing replacement.  There were 4 toilet rooms throughout the station and were all completed one after another to cause minimal disruption to the passengers.


Working round the general public and station staff, ensuring all health and safety were adhered to while enabling continued use of facilities.

Key Achievements 

The project was completed within the given time frame. We successfully completed, keeping the safety of the public still using the station at the forefront of our minds – no incidents or accidents occurred.