As we move into 2024 the prevalent message from 2023 is that of sustainability and looking after the planet.  At ODM we are trying to be more environmentally conscious in all areas of the business.  

We strongly believe that –  to borrow a phrase from a well known supermarket – “every little helps” and so making small changes like encouraging our office team to use less paper or reminding everyone to turn their computers off before they leave can make a difference.  But it’s the new technologies that are slowly but surely replacing the old fossil fuel methods of heating and powering our homes and businesses that are really exciting us.

Heating homes creates 13% of all emissions in the UK according to energy supplier Octopus Energy.  It’s not surprising when most houses have a gas boiler.  While we appreciate that gas boilers are our bread and butter, we are also booking more heat pump installations, which is very encouraging.  Our aim is to recommend these wherever feasible as an alternative to a gas boiler, but only where they will benefit the customer.  When we do install a new boiler it’s always our aim to provide the best fuel efficiency for the available budget.

We’re also happy to report that we have installed a large number of electric vehicle charging points over the last twelve months and can only see this number increasing as the nation embraces electric vehicles. As of November 2023, there are now over 1.5 million EV’s on the road in the UK, with more than 25% of all cars sold in the UK in November 2023 being EV’s, according to

With the recent addition of solar panel installations to our offering in late 2023 giving our customers even more choice and freedom from fossil fuels, we’re looking positively into the future.