We all know there’s a cold snap headed our way, but do you know what to do to protect your property’s pipes and water systems from the freeze?

Here’s some tips from our team.

Isolate outside taps
Disconnecting the outside water hose will help protect you from frozen pipes and further issues once the weather begins to thaw again.

To disconnect your outside tap from the water supply, locate your shut-off valve (usually on the pipe the other side of the wall from the tap). Once the water hose has been disconnected from the water supply, open the tap to allow any existing water in the pipe to run out.

Insulate outside pipes
In Autumn, frozen pipes become a problem that can easily result in a morning of chaos at the best of times and cause considerable damage at the worst.

One of our best plumbing tips for Autumn, is to insulate any vulnerable pipes before the cold water hits. Use foam lagging to cover all visible pipes to keep them fully insulated. This will prevent them freezing.

Clean out gutters
If your gutters are full of debris then water can build up in them. Then, when the water freezes it can then lead to damage to the pipe work.

Begin by removing all debris from the gutter with a small trowel or similar. Make sure all debris is clear and run water from a hose down them to make sure it runs freely.If debris is a persistent problem, you could install a gutter hedgehog to prevent build up.

Happy to help.

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