Client: Freshwater Group

Date: August – October 2022 

Project: Block C Wimbledon Close Boiler Room Refurbishment

The project

A large block of mansion flats in Wimbledon, South London required a boiler room refurbishment, to update all its mechanical and electrical systems.

Our Involvement

We were appointed as the main contractor on the boiler room refurbishment project, which needed to be completed during the summer months. This was to ensure the heating system would be ready for the winter, and not cause inconvenience to the occupants.

We commenced work by setting up temporary boilers to provide hot water to the block while we stripped out the old system.  There was some building work required in order to provide the boiler room with a new layout.  This consisted of new pipework, calorifiers and boilers, as well as a replacement waste pipe from the sump, and the removal of an old vent pipe.  Our plumbing and heating engineers worked quickly and efficiently on the project.  In addition to this, our building team levelled the plant room floor, making good any cracks and holes in the walls as they went before painting to leave everything looking shiny and fresh.

Our electrical engineers also worked on site to install new electrical systems.  They removed the old and redundant electrical equipment as they went. The new system included an electrical control panel with weather compensation for extra energy efficiency. New lighting was also fitted, including emergency lighting by the door.   All the electrical systems were thoroughly checked over to make sure they were all safe and working correctly.

Finally, in order to leave the whole system running at its best, the existing heating system was given a power flush to remove any debris and build up before reconnecting to the new boilers.  The boiler room is now a much cleaner and safer place with more modern and economical equipment.