Diocese of Canterbury Academies Trust

Date: September 2019

Project: Hot water system installation

The Project 

The school’s old boiler system failed, leaving the buildings without hot water and heating.

Our Involvement 

Contracted to resolve the issue, we needed to remove any old parts of the system and replace with new. 

We removed the existing unit and installed a new Lochinvar gas fired water boiler and altered supplies where necessary for the new unit. We also had to run a new flue pipe from the basement and out through the school roof. 


Source a suitable boiler system to provide the large building with sufficient water and heating for its needs, ensuring good water pressure and adequate supply of hot water throughout.

A new flue route was required. This was taken through a riser and out through the roof.  All work needed to be completed during the school term time, with minimal disruption to classes

Key Achievements 

A fully functioning hot water system providing the school with the right amount of hot water during school times, with no disruption to classes.