Client: GTCI

Date:  July 2021

The Project 

To provide a new boiler room complete with a new heating and domestic pipework system for one side of the school.

Our Involvement 

To provide the school with an up to date, energy efficient boiler room. We installed 2 x Vaillant 64 kw boilers for maximum efficiency (ErP A rated with a combustion efficiency of 96%, this is one of the best commercial boilers on the market for this size).

A new plate heat exchanger ensured transfer of heat from X to Y occurred quickly and efficiently.

We replaced the old water storage cylinder with a new Hamworthy 300L calorifier, which has the added advantage of being suitable for integration with renewable energy sources should the school choose to do so at a later date.  We added pressurisation units, pumps and pipework to ensure a good flow of water at required pressure for the system.

For the safety of the students, we installed 8x stelrad LST’s within the school.  Stelrad’s range of Low Surface Temperature radiators meet NHS Guidance for ‘safe hot water and surface temperature’ and are finished in antibacterial paint as standard making them perfect for safety critical environments like schools or nurseries with very young children.  

Also added were 4x fan convectors to ensure the warm air flow within the building was well distributed.  By using an electric convector, this achieves a lower cost than using traditional hot water heating systems throughout. 

Finally, we installed new heating pipework and new domestic hot, cold and secondary pipework. To the school building.


A busy year for us, we had several projects within education centres to be completed within the summer holidays and this one was no exception.  Luckily for us we have a large bank of supporting subcontractors to call in during busy periods, meaning that we successfully completed this job well within the summer holiday period.