Client: GTCI Ltd and The Island Learning Trust

Date: July – August 2021

Project: New Heating system and boiler

The Project 

To provide the school with a new up to date heating system and boiler room and domestic water services, providing more cost effective and environmentally friendly hot water and heating.

Our Involvement 

We installed 16 new fan convectors within the school, increasing warm air flow throughout the building using electricity rather than gas to ensure a more constant temperature within the building, at a lower cost than could be accomplished via traditional hot water heating systems. By adding 30x new radiator valves on the existing radiators we enabled the temperature of individual rooms to be adjustable, rather than a blanket temperature, enabling each classroom to be heated to its own requirements. 

The new boiler room was kitted out with with 3 Hamworthy Wessex modumax 97kw boilers, giving the school even more flexibility on where and how they direct their heat.

A Hamworthy 300L calorifier provided an up to date water storage unit that is future proofed for integration with renewable energy sources when required.

Grundfos MAGNA3 pumps and a pressurisation unit made sure the water was pumped throughout the system with adequate pressure and a new control panel was fitted to give access to all the new technology and program it to suit the needs of the school throughout the year.  All new pipework and a booster set were added to for good measure.

The school required new heating pipework throughout to provide new domestic hot, cold and secondary supplies for the whole building.

As is often the case with projects in education centres, all works were carried out within the school summer holidays ready for the pupils return in September, so we had an immovable deadline to work to.

Phase 2 of the project is currently underway (May 2022) within the new Nursery and teaching block.

Our client David Cooper, Estates Manager said:

ODM have installed a whole new boiler/heating system at our Sunny Bank site where a new build is taking place this was a massive undertaking and Ollie and his staff have executed it to perfection.

As an Estates manager for the trust, I need good reliable companies that are trustworthy and willing to help us out, sometimes at very short notice and this is the level of service I have come to expect from ODM services. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for this type of business.