Client: Freshwater Group

Date: May – October 2020

Project: Gas and Mechanical installation and pipework replacement

The project

This large block of flats required an upgrade of its heating and gas supply pipe networks, as part of a 4 year redevelopment to create 560 luxury apartments in the centre of London.

Our Involvement

As is standard on any gas works project, we commenced with a gas purge to remove all gas from the pipework in order to make it safe.  Following this, we removed two 100mm steel pipes, which ran through the basement for approximately 40metres. As part of the pipework replacement, we reinstalled two new stainless steel pipes, relocating them in the process to accommodate the new layout of the basement.  The pipe network was then purged and a tightness test was carried out to ensure the safety of the new installation in compliance with gas safety regulations.

For the second phase of the project, we were required to alter the existing 250mm heating pipework and 150mm hot and secondary supply pipes that supplied every apartment within the block.  Due to other factors included in the redevelopment, the new pipework required was bespoke.   A specialist welder prefabricated the new pipework to our specific requirements.  Once complete, they were installed, filled and tested by our team.

The hot water supply pipework alteration was completed within a 12 hour period in order to ensure the minimum impact and inconvenience to those living in the block at the time.  The heating pipeworks were changed over a 4 week period during the summer when the heating shut down would cause minimum disturbance to residents.