Client: Coldwell Construction

Date: 15th May – 14th December 2018

Project: Full mechanical installation feeding 4 bathrooms and 36 radiators

Location: Erith, Kent

The Project
A complete refurbishment of a 7 bedroom detatched property with 4 bathrooms.

Our Involvement
To complete a full mechanical installation including heating system consisting of 36
radiators and pipe runs fed from Two Worcester Greenstar 30CDi Classic System boilers
and a Megaflow cylinder. The hot and cold water supplies fed the newly installed kitchen
and four bathrooms.

Working round the renovations team, we had to be on call to go in and complete work at
short notice and with limited time – they couldn’t progress until we had completed each
section – we couldn’t complete each section until they had done the relevant brick work

Key Achievements
Seamless integration with the main building contractor ensured they experienced no delays or difficulties working alongside us.  All plumbing and heating work was completed early meaning no delays to the contractor’s schedule of work.