Summer has definitely arrived..

..with record breaking temperatures and all of us looking for ways to keep cool, it’s no surprise we’re all using lots of water.  But how do we keep the water bill down when we’re constantly watering the garden, filling the paddling pool and drinking lots more icy drinks?  We’ve a few tips up our (rolled up) sleeves for you..

Hot weather means more showers, but doesn’t have to mean more water use.  Using a water limiter like this one can help you save water and money, as it limits the amount of water that comes through your shower head, slightly increasing the water pressure as it does so.
If you’re unsure whether this low cost device will make a difference try this simple test:
Collect the water that comes out of your shower on its highest setting for 5 seconds.  If you collect more than 750ml (about 26 fluid ounces) then a limiter like this can help you save.

Some showers aren’t compatible with these devises however.  Check with the manufacturer before you buy

More Water Saving Tips:

  • Water your garden first thing in the morning or last thing at night – there will be less evaporation of the water, so your plants will get more of it, and you’ll need to water less and not as frequently.
  • Use paddling pool water on the garden when you kids are done with it.
  • Check for leaks with the toilet test. Put a few drops of food colouring into your toilet cystern.  If the colour shows up in the bowl, your tank is leaking, silently wasting up to 380 litres (800 pints) of water a day.  If you think you might have a leak somewhere else, turn everything off and check your water meter.  If it’s still moving, you have a leak.  If you think you have a leak, give us a call and we’ll help you find and fix it.
  • Use your dishwasher rather than handwashing your dishes.  according to this investigation it’s pretty tough to beat the overall efficiency of a dishwasher when cleaning up after a meal, so long as you don’t run it half empty.  Now there’s some advice we can all get behind!

If you haven’t done so already this year, get your boiler checked and/or serviced, to ensure you aren’t left without hot water or heating when you need it most. All ODM staff are Gas Safe registered plumbers, so you can trust us to work safely too..

If your boiler didn’t warm your heart (or your toes) last winter, now is the best time to think about replacing it

We can offer really competitive prices on new boiler installations right now, making the most of the warmer weather to negotiate the best deals on the best known brands on your behalf, so if you think it’s time to say goodbye to your old boiler and hello to a new, more efficient and cost effective model, get in touch now and we’ll call you back to arrange a good time to visit you for an estimate.